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We are a group of professionals concerned about addictions, we achieved the ideal treatment for alcoholism and the most advanced against the dependence on cocaine and marijuana. BIOCON clinics are staffed by trained personnel to provide a treatment that achieves in 5 days that the patient is indifferent to alcohol, something similar happens in the treatment of cocaine, which is achieved in the 7th. And 8th. day. We can ensure that 99% of patients with alcoholism treatment obtain the desired result (Alcohol indifference). This treatment has been available to patients since October 1991, while treatment against cocaine addiction is practiced in patients starting in 2005. adicciones

Our Mision
Separate the people who suffer from these addictions, without feeling the suffering of abstinence, this being the most effective, kind and gentle treatment.

In 1987, the presence of a group of neurons, located in the parietal area of ​​the cerebral cortex, was determined genetically. This being the first scientifically proven organic cause of alcoholism. This group of neurons is known as "alcohol receptor", which causes alcoholic compulsion. Understanding that such compulsion, is the urgent need to drink alcohol; It works as a primordial brain order. With the above, it is concluded that the first thing that should be treated in an alcoholic is compulsion. Thanks to our great results for the high percentage of success in the treatment against alcoholism, we are dedicated to finding the solution to cocaine dependence. And after years of research, we managed to find the most advanced treatment.

In 1952, the WHO (World Health Organization) decreed alcoholism as a disease, which was not taken seriously until 1988 when an article by researchers from the University of San Antonio Texas was published, where they practically considered that 6% of the world population suffers from alcoholism due to non-hereditary genetic load. Dr. Alonso Jiménez Contributes to this the publication in the JAMA, of the Parkinson's disease researchers where they assure and corroborate the presence of dopamine receptors, since at the beginning of Parkinson's where fine tremor occurs, mainly of upper limbs, the administration of dopamine may temporarily suspend the tremor. This phenomenon leads them to look for and verify the existence of alcohol receptors due to the similarity of the response in the Immediate Alcohol Abstention Syndrome. There is an interest for Dr. William Hitt and Dr. Alonso Jiménez Palma to search for alcohol receptors, which they achieved with great help from the biological research laboratories of the IPN and the UNAM in 1991. These receptors not only cause tremor in the patient but alcoholic compulsion (the urgent need to drink alcohol). Dr. Alonso Jiménez Palma Researcher and founder of BIOCON, Cofepris 621421. All rights reserved for Biocon.


    LA drug or alcohol dependence affects the whole family. Give yourself a new chance to recover it. Communicate with us, we are at your orders.                   

The patient must be present in our facilities for ten consecutive days and uninterrupted, the first three days attend two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon. From the fourth day is a single session until the end of treatment, achieving with this the blocking of neurons known as "alcohol receptor", thus avoiding the need and compulsion to drink without feeling the withdrawal syndrome. The patient improves their quality of life, beginning to feel the benefits of the treatment from the third day of the same. Since it also treats depression, the patient will begin to feel appetite, sleep and tranquility. The treatment is harmless, has no side effects, can be applied regardless of the degree of alcoholism or age.
Cocaine and marijuana
After years of research and research, we were able to find the specific treatment against the use of cocaine in all its forms. This treatment also acts against alcoholism since in many cases it is the trigger for consumption. Unlike the treatment against alcoholism, this has a duration of 14 days, of which the first 4, is double session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, from the 5th. Day is a single session until the end of treatment. The treatment is a fast and efficient way to inhibit the need for drug consumption, of course, we have extreme care in the depressive states in which the patient could fall in the first 15 days of his abstention. Our effectiveness in the treatment of cocaine and marijuana is 77%. Tell us your case Here.



In general terms, we offer the best systems of allopathic medicine and psychological therapy to combat alcoholism and cocaine and marijuana dependence in the short and long term. In this section you will find the testimonies of people who suffered from addiction problems and overcome it with the help of our program. In addition to finding interviews with Dr. Alonso Jiménez Palma, creator of Biocon clinics. Its effectiveness in the treatment of alcoholism is 99% and in the treatment of cocaine and marijuana is 77%.



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Dr. Alonso Jiménez Palma Researcher and founder of BIOCON, Cofepris 133300201A3091. All rights reserved for Biocon.